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Join us for a journey to change the course of a lifetime! Delve into the heart of spirituality off the beaten track with expert guides every step of the way. With Spiritual Tours, we provide a deep dive into the lands of ancient spirituality and traditional culture! Browse our upcoming tour opportunities below... your journey starts here!

Harmony in Bosnia

August 2024

Are you ready for a soul stirring escape to bring harmony within? Seeking peace and tranquility surrounded by untouched forestst, majestic mountains and turquoise rivers?


November-December 2024

Embark on a Sacred Journey: Umrah Wayfarers Retreat with Habib Ali Abu Bakr!

Spiritual Tours Save Lives!

Spiritual Tours was founded by Shaykh Mohammed Zaqir the founder of UK registered charity Revive, who provide lifesaving and sustainable humanitarian aid in Syria, Bosnia and Yemen. Itineraries and routes are carefully planned by Shaykh Zaqir and his network of Scholars who he works with to coordinate lifesaving Aid projects, to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities on your tour such as local Dhikr’s and annual spiritual events! Proceeds made from your ticket, support sustainable humanitarian aid projects in Bosnia to liberate those in need from starvation & poverty! What better reason to travel for than this?

Image of humanitarian aid distribution in Bosnia

Why Choose Spiritual Tours?

image of humanitarian aid distribution in Bosnia

Spiritual Authenticity

If you want to discover the true essence of the lands of ancient spirituality in way which the average tourist can't access, then join us!

Guided by Scholars

Discover hidden gems and Dhikr which are simply not known to the masses, through our networks of Scholars!

Saving Lives!

100% of proceeds from your ticket provide lifesaving sustainble humanitarian aid!


Our Travellers Reflections...

“It has been a pleasure to have been a part of this beautiful journey and meeting everyone. I have gained so much from this journey and spending time with beautiful souls!”

-Rubina, Bosnia 2022

“Konya was a deeply spiritually uplifting experience for me. Konya was an explosion of great minds during the Seljuk period. It was an honour and a joy to connect with them!”

-Julienne, Konya 2020

“We managed to fit an immense number of activities into a short week – Alhamdulillah!”

-Sabiha, Bosnia 2022

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