About Us

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Spiritual tours was founded by Revive Darul Arqam. Whilst travelling in Bosnia in order to establish a humanitarian aid project, it became apparent that hidden poverty was rife within the region. Through the connections made from the aid project and in depth local knowledge acquired, relationships with communities and spiritual groups hidden to the average tourists were formed. The revive team realised the need to connect travellers in the UK with such traditional communities through the enlightenment they felt in the presence of these communities. Spiritual tours was thereafter founded in order to support humanitarian aid projects in Bosnia, through profits made from ticket costs and to connect you with the hidden gems, which are simply undiscoverable as a lone tourist.

Spiritual tours travellers say that our tickets are competitive, yet they open opportunities they simply can’t find elsewhere and still support humanitarian aid projects! We provide busy itineraries, in beautiful destinations, taking the stress out of travel for you. Simply sign up, pack and attend!

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