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Srebrenica, Mostar, Blagaj, Sarajevo

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12th-19th September 2024


6 Cities + Daily Excursions!

About the Tour

Bosnia is a country of rich European Islamic Heritage and a fusion of ancient cultures and traditions! Sarajevo the capital city is the heart of Bosnia, harbouring a deep historic insight into the countries strive and struggle to be the Bosnia which we know and love today! Rich architecture is beautifully preserved, however for those who stop to take more than a glance, no stone is left unturned in finding details which point to the tragedies which unfolded during the Bosnian war.

Beyond the major cities, Bosnia is riddled with rolling emerald hills and mountains, with the only remaining European untouched forest, as a save haven for nature and wildlife! During this tour across this vast and lush country you will discover miles upon miles of sleepy valleys with pure turquoise rivers gushing and winding through!

Join us as we explore Bosnia, leaving no stone unturned and deep diving you into rich Bosnian history and spirituality! If you love peace, tranquility, clear waters, nature and rich architecture, this tour is for you!

Spiritual Tours serves for the purpose of providing lifesaving humanitarian aid to Bosnia. In order for Spiritual Tours to sustain this purpose, we must operate in a sustainable way. All tours are booked upfront, meaning hotels, excursions and flights are booked in advance. Therefore, once your deposit has been received, we cannot reimburse under any circumstances, due to the financial nature of your place being booked.

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Image of Sarajevo in Bosnia


Dive into the heart of Bosnia and discover the historical capital of Sarajevo!

Image of Mostar bridge Bosnia


Explore multiculturalism at its best with the Iconic Mostar Ottoman bridge!

Image of Srebrenica Memorial site and graveyard in Bosnia


Remember those who lost their lives and the terrible cost of genocide.

Image of Ancient Travnik Fortress in Bosnia

Medieval Bosnia

Explore one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in Bosnia!

Image of Sufi Zawiya

Sufi Lodges & Mosques

Bosnia has thrived in spiritual light to spite the darkness of struggle poverty and war. We take you to the heart of Bosnian spirituality!

Image of Balgaj Sufi lodge


Ancient Sufi Lodge carved into the side of a towering cliff, it's as if time itself has stood still in Balgaj!

And more excursions!

More daily excursions take place, to pleasantly surprise you and leave you with memories of a week soaked in rich exploration and spiritual discovery!

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